The Hustle Bootcamp by Starta is an intensive workshop series on how to start, scale and fund your tech-enabled business. Complete this survey to tell us how we should structure it to help you.
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We intend this to be an intensive action-based implementation programme.

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Can you confirm that you would have internet access at least for {{answer_GCPvE25wJLuC}} the duration of the workshop? *

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The Bootcamp will optimise for actions, so there will be projects to deliver.

What would you like to achieve after the {{answer_Pdsn8DktFHQe}} week workshop? *

It has to be something tangible and measurable. Examples: launch a product, multiply my revenue by 2X etc
Would you pay to join the workshop in order to achieve those objectives and goals? *

If we structure this programme in a way that will help you achieve your objectives, how much do you think it's worth? *

Please rate these potential modules in order of importance to you.

How to validate your idea

How to build a repeatable and scalable growth system

How to build a winning team

How to raise capital for your business

Which other topic would like to explore during the Bootcamp? *

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